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Wow am I excited about this month’s Moonshine Ink! Not only did I get to write a story about my friend Carl who’s building a wooden stand-up paddleboard in my DiStill Life art column, Fern got to speak her mind in the Do Tell section (this month’s question asked what celebrity you would punch). She’s one tough pup!

September marked my last month as an associate editor for Moonshine, so hopefully this will free up some more time for freelancing and, of course, this here blog. I sure will miss working with all the great columnists of the Wellness & Learning section I oversaw, but am looking forward to new adventures!

If you haven’t checked out the new Moonshine Ink that’s on stands around Tahoe/Truckee, do it! My latest DiStill Life column is on the new grant-funded Arts For the Schools programming, and it is quite exciting stuff. Project Bandaloop is the first performer on the playbill, and I can’t wait for the show next weekend… they’re dancing in the air, off the side of the Resort at Squaw Creek building. yowza!

I’ve been neglecting _____smith blogging as of late since change is in the air. I’ve been super busy working on some freelance projects, plus juggling my associate editing work with Moonshine Ink and taking on a quasi full-time job with Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach.

I’m handling all their web copywriting (penning compelling product descriptions, like Elaine from Seinfeld did for J. Petterman) and social media, which means I’m now blogging, and on Twitter and Facebook, as the voice of Tahoe Mountain Sports. I’ll still keep _____smith updated with my crafting and latest published work, but don’t hold your breath for super-fresh content. If you miss me too much, follow me through Tahoe Mountain Sports!

The new Tahoe Quarterly is out! Here’s what to look for inside, penned by me:

-An artist profile on Tahoe City plein air painter Michele de Braganςa, p. 38. Winner of the 2008 Seasons of Martis (now North Tahoe Plein Air), de Braganςa was selected again for the 2010 event on September 8–12. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with this year!

-The TQ Market shopping guide on what to put in your pack this summer, p. 34 (wine made by Clif, plus a collapsible container to pack and preserve it sans glass, the lightest dog treats on the market, and more).

-The issue’s feature on Tahoe Family Traditions, p. 61. What a fun one to research… I chatted with kids, grandfathers, dads, moms and more to dig up these treasured annual rites around the lake.

A new commission came my way last week, and *poof* I’m all jazzed up on block printing again. Here’s a shot of a piece I did a bit back for Chris and Mayumi at Moonshine Ink. Their logo was just crying to be inked! Stay tuned for the revealed commission (3 wedding gifts) as well as a new Tahoe stamp I’ve been working on…

I am in love with the work of Natalia Williams, the featured artist in my current DiStill Life column in April’s Moonshine Ink. Using dried flowers, sand and other elements of nature alongside traditional collaging material (newspaper, magazines), Natalia creates such textural works of art. Check out my story on stands now, page 53. Here’s some more of her work since it couldn’t all make the print version:

Also don’t miss my picks in this edition:

-Beth Ingalls’ column defending our right to line-dry

Not Your Average Dog Walk by Eric Wallis… a look into the sport of skijoring

-The feature on Kings Beach homebrewer Kevin Drake

-Seth Lightcap’s recap of the G.N.A.R. game—I was wondering what happened there

-And Tim Hauserman’s Growing Up in Tahoe column