Thanks for stopping by ____smith (or “blanksmith” if you say it aloud).

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I’m Lis Korb, and I’m a maker of many things! I like to fill in the blank as the years go by, but right now I’m a wordsmith by profession and a print-smith by hobby. You can purchase some of my block-printed postcards at Truckee’s Riverside Studios and San Francisco’s Lawton Trading Post (Outer Sunset, 43rd and Lawton). My postcard blog, 28 cents, is where I showcase all the postcards I send and receive. I love getting mail!

Need the wordsmith in me? I’m a Northern California–based freelance writer and editor, with experience in all types of writing (editorial, commercial, PR), copy editing, proofreading, SEO, and social media. See my resume and more on my wordsmith page.

Contact me here:

  1. mountainmommamusings said:

    Hey Lis,

    Your blog looks great so far! I have already learned so much about wordpress in just 2 weeks, but have also realized there is so much more to learn. I will check out the WordPress conference info and let you know.

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