moonshine ink, february edition

It’s Moonshine time! I love it when my column gets inked every month… just seeing on the page is exciting, but especially when it’s chosen to be in color. My interview with photographer Ryan Salm got two full-color pages (pg 54–55), so be sure to check it out. You can see even more of his work on his new gallery website.

A few other highlights, in my opinion, are (links and page #s provided):

-the photo of “Taxi James” in Do Tell, pg 2 (he he!)

-Beth Ingalls’ call for patience, pg 9

-Olivia Dwyer’s Vancouver Olympic round-up… what locals to watch, and when to watch them, pg 31

-Flip Speckleman’s diary column… be sure to read his Feb. 1 entry, pg 39

-Jackie Varriano’s Knitting Factory (pg 53) and Courtesy Call (pg 56) profiles. Courtesy Call front-woman Elyssa Lee cuts my hair, and she rocks!

And don’t forget to submit to Moonshine’s winter photo annual (deadline is March 3) and/or the Moonshine Ink 500 writing contest (due April 19). Details on pg 6 of the current issue.


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