moonshine ink, march edition

This month’s Moonshine Ink is a visual feast… starting with its cover, my favorite yet. Besides reading my DiStill Life column on the amazing Susie Alexander, who bested a van Gogh legacy in February (see page 60), here are my picks for the month (click the links to read if you’re not in town to pick up a copy):

-Practical Wellness columnist Linda Lindsay’s exposé on radon: its startling Tahoe statistics, and how to test and protect your home, page 20

-the fun design and great reader-submitted images in the Winter Photo Annual, page 27

-the tater tot photo on page 44

-Robert “Fro” Frohlich’s Glacier Point adventure, page 46. He’s one of my favorite local writers — always good for a laugh!

-Olivia Dwyer’s profile on local Etsy artisans, page 58, well written and so nice to see folks doing what they love for a living

-and of course, Seth Lightcap’s tribute to C.R. Johnson, page 49, who died at Squaw Valley on February 24


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