moonshine ink, april edition

I am in love with the work of Natalia Williams, the featured artist in my current DiStill Life column in April’s Moonshine Ink. Using dried flowers, sand and other elements of nature alongside traditional collaging material (newspaper, magazines), Natalia creates such textural works of art. Check out my story on stands now, page 53. Here’s some more of her work since it couldn’t all make the print version:

Also don’t miss my picks in this edition:

-Beth Ingalls’ column defending our right to line-dry

Not Your Average Dog Walk by Eric Wallis… a look into the sport of skijoring

-The feature on Kings Beach homebrewer Kevin Drake

-Seth Lightcap’s recap of the G.N.A.R. game—I was wondering what happened there

-And Tim Hauserman’s Growing Up in Tahoe column


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