Dave Wiggins | partner at Widness & Wiggins PR

It is and will continue to be a pleasure working with you.  Sara and I appreciate your wisdom, wit and grasp of the PR world.

Dave Polivy | owner of Tahoe Mountain Sports (speaking of the TMS blog)

You are killing it with the blog. The combination of contributors, the variety of articles and the quality of writing are all coming through in the metrics. In October [2011], you guys blew away your numbers and crested over 6,000 views. This is really amazing and the blog is a big contributor to our increased traffic. So, thank you and keep up the good work.

Mayumi Elegado | publisher of Moonshine Ink 

Every so often, you run into a colleague you wish you could clone! Lis is one of these. Her work is consistently thoughtful, creative, well-executed, and on time. As a proofreader for Moonshine Ink, her eye for detail is unmatched. Besides making sure each edition is tight in format and style, Lis leads the charge updating our Style Guide, ensuring we move forward with each step.

Diana Evans | senior account manager at smith+jones 

I recently hired Lis to edit & proof a 25-page menu for Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe’s catering department. The menu was a significant project and was provided to us with many typos and inconsistencies. Lis not only checked spelling, grammar, and the correct use of various food items, she was also a great help in creating consistency throughout the menu. In addition, she suggested various copy to go on the section pages and under various photos. She was fast, billed to estimate, and reliable. I highly recommend Lis.

Alison Bender | associate editor at Tahoe Quarterly

I love working with Lis Korb—Her friendly and approachable writing style belies the fact that she is one of the most stringent copy editors I’ve ever met, having no tolerance whatsoever for misplaced modifiers, dangling participles, comma splices or rogue apostrophes.


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