a friend indeed

she's crafty

hanni with her creations + the baby blanket we made together

Another month, another Moonshine. Yep, it’s time to check out my latest DiStill Life column in Moonshine Ink. While I try to put a personal touch on everything I write—by attending the art opening, taking the art class or simply covering an artist whose work I am really in to—this month’s musing on the North Tahoe arts scene takes the personal cake, you could say.

Hanni, one of my best friends and “partner in craft” (as I dub her in my story), recently moved back to Alaska. Bearing witness to her many talents over the past year inspired me to be more crafty, and I reflect upon our partnership and many other duos creating great things in our community. Read my column on page 69, or view it online (I’ll post the link as soon as it’s up).

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