[postcard of the month] greetings from tahoe

PHOTOGRAPHER: JB Budny of JB Photographic

PLACE: somewhere in Tahoe

SENDER: none, this one’s from my personal collection of “too pretty to send yet.” (maybe I’ll send it out in the great white sea of mail now since I’ve properly documented it)

DATE: circa 2006

*I’ve been collecting postcards for more than 10 years now, and I’ve always been thinking of a clever way to display them. Now, thanks to the wonderful world of WordPress blogging, you can enjoy them, too.

  1. liskorb said:

    I just joined postcrossing.com and sent this postcard 6,653 miles away to a member in Germany! Can’t wait to see what comes my way!

  2. Susan M. Korb said:

    That’s what I call an “IceCycle” ! Mom

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