fresh pressed

Just catching up after a long weekend with family in town… very relaxing to not touch my keyboard in a few days. ahhh!

But with all this time off, loads of publication-related news piled up in my inbox and Twitter feed that I must pass along. It seems that fresh voices on paper are popping up all around us these days.

the bona fide logo

1) Bona Fide Books, a new publishing company in South Lake Tahoe, is looking for literary essays about working in our nation’s national parks for their Permanent Vacation collection. Submit! Plus, Bona Fide has put a call out for guerilla acts of literary compassion, which I am totally into. I think I’ll start with my favorite poem, Seamus Heaney’s Postscript. Read more on Bona Fide’s homepage, linked above.

my cure for the kitchen blues?

2) Remedy Quarterly just launched promising to bring stories of food and recipes for feeling good. Right now, they’re taking pledges to get the first issue off the ground, but have already reached their goal. Can’t wait to flip through the first volume—I surely need some inspiration in the kitchen.

3) And last but not least, The Nevada Review literary journal launches November 19, bringing 100 pages of essays on all things Nevada: history, politics, environment, culture, people, the list goes on.

Hooray for words and the folks who bring them to us!


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