crafternoon debut

Seriously people. Someone snuck into my room at night, snatched my dreams and then wrapped them up in this cute little Crafternoon package. I am so excited I want to run outside with my spray paint and go crazy… but that would just be silly, and wasteful.

I’ve always wanted to take a printmaking class with Sierra Nevada College’s Mary Kenny. Now, I can at Brickelltown’s first Crafternoon session. I’ve already RSVPed. You should too!

Please note the time is incorrect on the flyer. Class is from 4:30 to 7pm, same date.

(now all I need is a pet…)


  1. Vicky said:

    Luna is all yours! She loves crafts. She really has a cute face. Do it.

  2. liskorb said:

    Ahh, this just in… Crafternoon time change. It’s actually 4:30 to 7pm now. Maybe some of you 9 to 5ers can ditch work a bit early and join me now!

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