a better view, part two

green is the new view

So I’ve been meaning to stencil the backside of our planters all summer long, but just got around to it today. I always cringe when imagining our neighbors looking at that plain wood (while such a good view greets us daily).

I went with a jade/manzanita inspired design to match the foliage under our deck. My first “test” design (pictured above) came out pretty well, but I’ll perfect it a bit before moving on to the larger planters.

Though I’m happy to tick this off my craft to-do list, I am running out of wood to stencil. Wonder what our landlord would think of some wall art?

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  1. Elaine said:

    You’re right, you have been up to stenciling madness! I’m so jealous, compared your stenciled planters and Nicci’s reduced-reused-recycled upside-down tomatoes, my little planter box is totally ho-hum. :)

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