Frigid times and holiday crowds here in Tahoe call for this specimen from my collection that I am in awe I still have. Yep, when it was sent in 1993, I was a mere 11 years old.

FROM: Vail Village, Colorado


SENDER: Laurel, who wrote of shaky handwriting induced by 32-degree weather and posed this question: “Did you know your real name is not Elisabeth?” No, I didn’t know that.

DATE: October 12, 1993


FROM: Beautiful Bum-Fuk Egypt

ARTIST: Blue Barnhouse of West Asheville, North Carolina (these guys make some great—and provocative—letterpress goods)

SENDER: Lynx (we’ve regularly traded postcards for years), who was traveling at the time and said “I currently have no address to be reached at other than general delivery, care of the front o’ the card.” awesome

DATE: November 7, 2008

note: this postcard states in its stamp box that “you don’t need no stinking postage.” hehehe…

Ok, so scratch that whole “postcard of the month” idea. I have way too many postcards, and ones on the way thanks to my recent PostCrossing membership, to limit myself to one a month. I now bring you: weekly postcard viewings from my collection! This one is especially spectacular as it marks the first wooden postcard I have ever received.

TITLE: Penelope Pirate Owl

ARTIST: Night Owl Paper Goods of Homewood, Owlabama

SENDER: Lyndsey, who found this sustainably harvested wood postcard at an art walk in Bellingham, Washington.

DATE: November 2009

PHOTOGRAPHER: JB Budny of JB Photographic

PLACE: somewhere in Tahoe

SENDER: none, this one’s from my personal collection of “too pretty to send yet.” (maybe I’ll send it out in the great white sea of mail now since I’ve properly documented it)

DATE: circa 2006

*I’ve been collecting postcards for more than 10 years now, and I’ve always been thinking of a clever way to display them. Now, thanks to the wonderful world of WordPress blogging, you can enjoy them, too.