This week’s postcard is not in my collection, but I’m admiring it (and the others in its set) from afar. A collaboration between Kansas City photographer Hannah Huffman and San Francisco artist Lisa Congdon, the limited-edition postcard set features four different diptychs (part photo, part illustration). Thanks to Poppy Talk for cluing me in on this!


DATE: April 2, 2007

FROM: Reno, NV

SENDER: This gem come from the lovely Chérie, who was a coworker turned great friend of mine. As she loved to gift me postcard sets, she is responsible for many of the blank postcards in my collection, like the one below from Lela Lee’s Angry Little Girls series. The set of 30 postcards came in a lemon yellow tin that I’ve since kept to store other postcards.

ARTIST: David & Goaliath

This one’s in the mail to Chérie right now:

Well I’m back from Tulum with a few new postcards I found on my journey, and so I just have to share one with you this week. The weathered, handmade paper was hard to write on!

DATE: February 9, 2010

FROM: Mexico

SENDER: Me, sending this off to a Missouri Postcrossing member first thing tomorrow

ARTIST: José Guadalupe Posada, a Mexican engraver, illustrator and artist

This week’s postcard is promotional… it arrived advertising “Shoot First and Ask Questions Later,” an experimental video by Julie Perini that’s showing at Sierra Nevada College’s Prim Library through February 19. The opening reception is on February 11, 5–7 pm, with an artist lecture at 5:15 pm. I’m intrigued, and would find out more, but it says to ask questions later…

DATE: January 27, 2010

FROM: Incline Village, Nevada

SENDER: Sierra Nevada College Fine Arts

It’s a great week to be at home as this snowstorm just won’t quit. Squaw Valley’s reporting the storm total at 76 inches! This postcard hails from a college friend (later to be a Lake Tahoe roommate), who first led me on to Tahoe’s greatness. She’s now headed for greener pastures, and nursing pre-reqs in Santa Cruz.

DATE: February 26, 2004

FROM: Lake Tahoe



A storm of epic proportions is currently bidding my friend Ruth farewell. She starts culinary school in Napa next week, so I figured I’d dedicate this week’s postcard (of Ruthie’s Run) in her honor. Hooray for friends on powder days!

FROM: Aspen, Colorado


SENDER: Mom, who was visiting family and going to a rodeo

DATE: July 2001

FROM: Boise, Idaho

CARTOGRAPHER: Idaho Geological Survey

SENDER: Lyndsey, my former college roommate and a geologist who was working on her thesis at the time. She figured I was missing some “good ‘ole geology.” I was, and still am.

DATE: November 14, 2005

*The postcard’s back says you can get the color poster (14 by 20 inches) of this card by sending $3 along with your name and address to the Idaho Geological Survey, Morrill Hall, Third Floor, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83844-3014. Anyone wanna try?

*Thought we’d finish off the year with this Southern delicacy since I just bade my mom and brother goodbye after their Christmas visit to Tahoe.

FROM: Georgia

SENDER: Mom, who asks if I’m hungry for the South :)

DATE: December 5, 2009

INFO: Mix egg and buttermilk in a shallow dish. Working in batches, dip tomato slices into the egg mixture, allowing excess to drip back into dish. Coat with flour mixture. Fry in hot oil (375) in a skillet until browned, turning once with tongs. Transfer to a colander to drain. Yields 6 servings.