coming soon to me…

…an awesome wardrobe! I am now a brand ambassador (or, Lolë friend) for Lolë, a Canadian fashion-tech apparel company for active women. Lolë is all about living your life to its fullest, and looking great while you do it. I’m stoked to be a part of the team and can’t wait to wear more Lolë. If you’ve seen me around Tahoe this summer, then you’ve already seen me in Lolë. My rocking orange bathing suit is the Lolë Bermude top and Mojito bottoms, purchased from Tahoe Mountain Sports’ Lolë inventory in Kings Beach.

Look for my contributions to the Lolë blog and Facebook page, as well as my Tweets spreading my love for @LoleWomen. I’ll be updating you soon on some pieces I’ll be giving a test drive.


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