mud cakes poetry collection

It’s here! Love it when a book I work on is finally set in print. This particular one holds a special place among my bookshelf’s spines as it’s the first poetry collection I’ve edited. Such an honor to work on, and I look forward to exploring more poetry editing again soon. Buy Mud Cakes through Bona Fide Books, and support a genuine heart-fed press!

Here are just a few of Mud Cakes‘ early praises:

“In richly detailed poem-stories about a small-town Ohio childhood, Jason Schossler enacts the vertigo of individual experience inside collective memory: Star Wars games, car parts, Anglophilia among the Cocoa Puffs, a mother’s mouth ‘forming the zeros of loss,’ a neighbor whose ‘eyes shone like glass bottles out of the sea’ in his fervor for Jesus. Mud Cakes is alert and detail-rich, charming and estranging in just the right proportion. Reading it, we learn more about what it means to grow up American.”
— Daisy Fried, author of She Didn’t Mean to Do it 

“In these wildly populated poems, Schossler announces himself a master of narrative collage.”
— Daniel Tobin, Guggenheim fellow and author of The Narrow



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