mickey-d modeling

Oh yes, that’s me pulling my tongue out of my mouth. I got silly for the camera with Jen Schmidt Photography for a McDonald’s casting call. I ended up on their short list for a shoot, but didn’t make the final cut. Perhaps my tongue is too fat?

Anywho, look for a girl who resembles me in a McDonald’s ad and you’ll know who to blame. Same goes for Skittles, who put me on call a month or so back but didn’t pick me either.

At least I still have the city buses in San Francisco, which I still need to go see — only have a bad camera-phone photo taken by a friend. And of course there’s still my legacy in the Apple store. I snapped these photos for posterity when I was in there this week. It’s been so long that I’m bound to disappear soon… we’ll see.



  1. Jen said:

    LOVE it! We’ll get you famous, just you wait. I feel very fortunate to be at the top of your list for photographic services! And I hadn’t seen the Apple pics yet – fantastic :)

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