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Check me out in the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association’s 2011 Vacation Planner! Ya know, just living the good life in Tahoe… posing for some pics while skate skiing—well, not this year yet. This shot was grabbed by the uber-talented Jeff Dow two winters ago at Tahoe Cross Country. We’re all still waiting patiently for 2012’s snow.


I never met Steve Jobs, but after modeling in 4 projects for Apple, I like to think that he liked me—or at least my face.

What an honor to be so close (if only in image) to such a genius. Here are a few shots I found of my face at Apple keynote addresses. Thanks for the opportunity Steve. And thanks for all you’ve done for technology. My life is surely better for it.

Oh yes, that’s me pulling my tongue out of my mouth. I got silly for the camera with Jen Schmidt Photography for a McDonald’s casting call. I ended up on their short list for a shoot, but didn’t make the final cut. Perhaps my tongue is too fat?

Anywho, look for a girl who resembles me in a McDonald’s ad and you’ll know who to blame. Same goes for Skittles, who put me on call a month or so back but didn’t pick me either.

At least I still have the city buses in San Francisco, which I still need to go see — only have a bad camera-phone photo taken by a friend. And of course there’s still my legacy in the Apple store. I snapped these photos for posterity when I was in there this week. It’s been so long that I’m bound to disappear soon… we’ll see.