{postcard of the week} greetings from brno

I’m not sure what this creature is exactly… perhaps a baby polar bear, but it reminds me of the new little pup that’s now calling my house her home. Check out Fern’s likeness below.

DATE: February 23, 2010

FROM: Brno, Czech Republic

SENDER: “Mountainer” from Postcrossing

Plus a Fern montage since I know you people can’t get enough puppy.

  1. James Korb said:

    Such a cute dog. Can’t wait to meet him!

    • liskorb said:

      note to brother: Fern is a “her”!
      she can’t wait to meet you too!

  2. Ruth said:

    she is the cutest. can’t wait to come back up and hang with you guys. next weekend 24-25th. see you sooooon!

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