thank you, quirk

a ray from my figurine collection (he's even traveled to mexico with me) and a smile i encountered on a boat

It rains gratitude around Thanksgiving, and rightly so. There’s just so much to give thanks to. My personal list is so long it would surely send you into a trypophane-like sleep.

Thus, for the purposes of being concise (and the ModCloth Thanksgiving Thank-a-Thon blog contest), I’m going to pick one thing today: quirk. You know those tidbits of uniqueness that make you smile? The oddities, the weirdness, the unexplainable attributes that make someone or something appealing, or perhaps appalling at the same time.

With out little quirks, what would we laugh about at home? What would our loved ones appreciate us for? What would we obsessively collect, or look at online? Cute Overload would cease to exist. Etsy’s wierdness category would be forever lost. Certainly, ModCloth’s items (like this Fresh Prints of Bel Air shirt) would be without their pop culture–inspired names.

I stumbled upon Spontaneous Smiley a few days ago and was amazed at the dorky simplicity of finding smiley faces in everyday items: bread, cookies, machinery, nature. Knowing that others also embark on silly adventures makes me happy. So thank you to all the strange things I do and collect, and to everyone else in the world who goes above and beyond normal!


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