things are a little different around here…

hot pink aspen leaf!

We’re getting settled in our new Tahoe Pines home, and it’s so refreshing to be living here! Not only did we find the rare specimen pictured above (ha ha!) on our short walk to the beach this morning, we can see the stars again, have loads of storage space and have a home that holds heat! Pictures of our new space to come soon…

  1. Elaine said:

    Congrats on the move! Are the fall colors in full regalia yet? It’s snowing in Reno right now. :P

    • liskorb said:

      I wouldn’t say “full regalia” but many trees are halfway there… you should come visit soon so you don’t miss it! I live right near some great hiking now.

  2. Susan M. Korb said:

    As they say, you are “turning over a new leaf”! Can’t wait to see your new home – it is nice to be close to the beach and have beautiful scenery surround you. Talk to you soon, love Mom

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