hey, look what i made!

the whales swimming in the sea of my office

I’m reveling, big time, in the jewelry I made this past Tuesday at Brickelltown Crafternoons‘ recycled jewelry making class with Lorien Powers of Drake & Lulu’s Art Shed. I not only got to repurpose my chunky apricot chain necklace into a pair of rocking earrings, I scored a pair of wooden whales for which I crafted loops and found a new home for the mini harmonica Chris gave me. Woo hoo! Plus, my partners in craft, Hanni and Chelsea, made use of feathers, leather and antique silver plates.

some of what we had to work with

my new earrings

lorien's big, honking drill

1 comment
  1. Susan M. Korb said:

    You have truly been busy and creative. Wonder if the whale earrings are heavy? Love all your creations and can’t wait to see what’s next in your life. Love Mom

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