t minus 12 days

Hey world, we’re moving! It’s too early to pack, but I’m so excited to say farewell to our condo on October 1 and hello to our new cottage-style abode that I’ve compiled a little montage of moving-inspired products:

moving on

First up is this art print dubbed “Moving On” from Dahlia House Art Studio, who re-works her photos with many mediums, including photo manipulation software, water colors, pastels and acrylics paints, and sells them on Etsy. Like these birdies, Chris and I are flying far, far away… well only about 7 miles down the road.

we moved around a lot

These magnets, collectively dubbed “We Moved Around A Lot,” were also found on Etsy, in Agent Mermaid‘s shop. Agent Mermaid handcrafted the set using original vintage papers from 1961. I’ve only lived in 2 out of the 6 dwellings she depicts (can you guess which ones?)… looks like I’ll need to relocate a bit more to catch up.

we have a new nest

Not sure our plan for notifying our friends and family of the move, but aren’t these cards by Perideau Designs neat-o? We actually don’t have to worry about it as much here in this mountain town since physical address delivery is rare. I guess there is an advantage to having a PO Box—besides also protecting your mail from getting swiped, like it did at my dad’s box in Georgia once.

this tape makes me happy

Last but certainly not least is the rainbow of masking tape found at Happy Tape, and brought to my attention by local artist Heather River on her blog Chocolate and Needles. Though any tape used during the move would likely be in vain, how awesome would it be to seal up all my boxes with this snappy apricot color?

  1. Kristen said:

    I love this! Especially the cards. Nick and I are planning a move here in the next couple of months… as soon as my garden is done producing delicious veggies… i’ll have to keep that in mind. I love your blog btw, it inspires me to craft… and actually write on my own blog!

    • liskorb said:

      thanks Kristen! You, Elle and me should plan a craft night sometime…. or you guys could come down to the next Crafternoon. I’ll keep you posted on dates.

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