artown seeking poster artist

Oh I just love poster art… in fact, I recently found myself browsing Etsy and various random online sites looking for concert posters from my favorite bands. Thus, when a local event looks to commission an artist, I am super stoked to see who they select, and what they come up with.

Artown is currently seeking a poster artist for the 2010 month-long festival (Click here for full details). Submissions are due Friday November 6, so get your resumes and artwork samples ready. Wouldn’t it be great if they choose someone from Tahoe! Last year’s selected artist was Candace Nicol, a Reno printmaker who incorporates painting and digital photography into her compositions.

Here’s a showcase of my recent poster art search to get your wheels turning:

Found this awesome blog post from Well Medicated dubbed “50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire.” Here are two of my favs from his selection:


VRS Design on Etsy has some fun ones, too:



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