the little things

my pretties...

Funny how the smallest of things can inspire.

For me, I put some of my nearest and dearest trinkets at eye-view on the window sill above my desk. I find it calming to have a tangible, three-dimensional object to focus the eye on when in thought. Of course, my items have the potential to make the mind wander: The sea urchin shell recalls a recent trip to Troncones, Mexico. The two dinosaur figurines have, a time or two, sent my mind reeling on extinction (no good), and the marbles take me back to attempting still lifes in art class. Yet as I stare once more at these items, I realize it’s more than what they represent to me… it’s how they look. The way the clear glass marbles catch the light coming through the window, the dinos’ bright colors, smooth lines and hysterical extremities (look at the left foot on the orange one!), and the urchin’s spiky texture—it’s as good as a lake view for me. What are your little things?

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  1. susan korb said:

    Love to put cut glass or a vase full of fresh cut flowers in the windowsill. The light loves to make the glass dance. Enjoyed seeing what you view from your desk.

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