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This postcard is going to new dad Chris, proud parent of Fern the puppy. Happy father’s day to all the dads out there! Especially my pop who’s traveling in Africa right now.


This week’s postcard serves two purposes: 1) To act as a metaphor for the wacky cold weather we’ve been having in Tahoe… snow this late in the season is almost as crazy as seeing an octopus on a bear’s head. It’s loco I tell you! 2) To cheer me up from said weather.

Hope you enjoy! It’s headed on it’s way to a little four-year-old Postcrosser in Oslo, Norway.

postcard from — design by Nut and Bee

Well, I’m back from my trip to Boulder. Such a different world there: street performers, crowded restaurants, jam-packed yoga classes, flat residential neighborhoods with blocks and blocks of houses, bike-friendly everything, and flowers!

While it was fun, I’m happy to be home to my simple, quiet life in Tahoe Pines and thus finished this simple Lake Tahoe stamp today. You can’t tell in the photo, but the lake is printed in a pearlescent blue so it shimmers. I plan to get these in some tourist spots for visitors to have a homemade postcard souvenir option. Note: lake is not to scale!

This week’s postcard was purchased especially for my mom, who always says I don’t live close enough. I was visiting her last week in Georgia, and thanks to a recommendation from Chad and Tina of The Long Farewell, I popped into Young Blood Gallery and Boutique in Atlanta’s Virginia Highlands neighborhood. I not only purchased this card there but also a robot coffee mug and yeti t-shirt for Chris (check out some of the goods and their hand-stamped bags below). Young Blood will definitely be on my must-go list (along with Yoforia) whenever I’m in Atlanta from hence forth; they had dinosaur shirts and everything!

DATE: April 2, 2007

FROM: Reno, NV

SENDER: This gem come from the lovely Chérie, who was a coworker turned great friend of mine. As she loved to gift me postcard sets, she is responsible for many of the blank postcards in my collection, like the one below from Lela Lee’s Angry Little Girls series. The set of 30 postcards came in a lemon yellow tin that I’ve since kept to store other postcards.

ARTIST: David & Goaliath

This one’s in the mail to Chérie right now:

Well I’m back from Tulum with a few new postcards I found on my journey, and so I just have to share one with you this week. The weathered, handmade paper was hard to write on!

DATE: February 9, 2010

FROM: Mexico

SENDER: Me, sending this off to a Missouri Postcrossing member first thing tomorrow

ARTIST: José Guadalupe Posada, a Mexican engraver, illustrator and artist