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I’ve had a busy and exciting past month. Work-wise, I’ve been using every corner of the old brain: copyediting for Clear Capital; writing ads for Smith + Jones; doing SEO work for Wolfsmith Media, Bona Fide Books, and Balance Bodyworks Tahoe in-home massage; copyediting a short story anthology and a current research book on violence and the media for the Center for Basque Studies; writing and proofreading for Moonshine Ink; proofreading for Tahoe Quarterly; continuing to manage the Tahoe Mountain Sports blog… wow, I’m dizzy just writing all that!

And to top of the madness, I had the privilege of joining the Bona Fide Books crew for the AWP annual publishing conference in Chicago. What a trip! We lived it up, and I plan to soon post a few topic-specific roundups, including my trip to the Art Institute, my Chicago dining recommendations, and of course the lowdown on AWP. I took the stormy Chicago skyline photo above from our hotel room at the Palmer House Hilton.


PR and advertising folks have their work cut out for them due to this season of no snow. Right before Christmas I had to rework some ad copy for a client to promote cruises vs snowmobiling, and here’s how it turned out. The client wanted to run with a “sNOw problem” concept, but we’ve all heard that before so I tried to do something a bit different. Every time I turn in a copywriting job, I always wonder: Would Don Draper love or hate this?

I’m excited for this season’s launch of &Work apparel, a brand by the talented Eric Wallis of Action Labor Collaborative. When Eric first told me about his idea for the brand, I was right on board. They’re the kind of clothes I like to see guys wear: understated, manly, functional. It’s funny, my favorite clothes on Chris are usually the dirty ones he comes home from work in.

I just worked with Eric on some &Work copy. He was going for an element of mystery so it was a challenge to convey the brand’s platform while keeping it simple and alluring. We’ll see how it all comes together in the next few months as shipments head out to stores. In the meantime, you can read an interview with Eric at Trucker Deluxe, follow &Work on Twitter, and search for the soon-to-be-released &Work Apparel Facebook page.