Domesticity + Craft

If you missed my big debut at my first postcard-selling booth, here are a few pics from the afternoon. I was at Truckee Thursday in late June, as one of Riverside Studios featured artists. You can buy my postcards at Riverside Studios year-round.


Just finished this commissioned stamp for Brooke Butler of BodyTalk Tahoe. Brooke practices this very interesting form of therapy that uses neuromuscular biofeedback and reiki techniques to determine broken energy circuits and help your body repair them. A designer came up with this logo for her and it correlates to that flow of energy on some level. Pretty fun one to carve!

A recent BodyTalk session with Brooke left me feeling great: lightened, with less static and chatter in my mind. She left me with this phrase that came to her in my reading: It’s safe to feel free. hmmm….

After seeing this postcard poster on Oh Happy Day, I decided to make one of my own for Tyler and Ben’s new arrival, Oliver. STEP 1: I drew all the animals, using my Let’s Draw Cute Animals book as a guideline. STEP 2: I filled the line drawings in with colored pencil.

STEP 3: I cut the image into four postcards.

STEP 4: I then sent them every few days to Ben and Tyler in North Carolina. Such a fun project!

After a year or so of thinking about this project, I finally made the time to complete it this past weekend. I drew the tree freehand, but it was inspired by a Lena Corwin design from the book Printing by Hand. I love how they came out—so much that I printed the design on a few shirts too!

Couldn’t resist this purchase at the craft store. So far I’ve successfully drawn an ultra-cute sea otter and koala. Look out world! Sachiko Umoto also has books on happy people and plants in her Illustration School series.

I finally finished + delivered these stamps for two sets of friends—severely belated wedding gifts. I picked the type, then carved it onto the rubber stamp material; Chris made the wood backing. Jess and Jamie got denim ink with their gift, Nick and Nola jet black.