screenprinted curtains

After a year or so of thinking about this project, I finally made the time to complete it this past weekend. I drew the tree freehand, but it was inspired by a Lena Corwin design from the book Printing by Hand. I love how they came out—so much that I printed the design on a few shirts too!

  1. Jackie said:

    This is amazing!!! How did you get it screen printed?

    Additionally – CONGRATULATIONS on being published by Bona Fide Books! So amazing :)

    • liskorb said:

      How you ask? Well, it’s a long DIY story:
      I take an embroidery loop and hot glue a screen material on it. I then draw an image, then trace it onto this yellow adhesive (I think it’s like signblast tape… will have to ask my friend who first got me a roll of it what it’s officially called). I then cut out the design with an exacto knife, peel it off its backing and stick it onto the screen. I then pull the ink across like you would any normal screenprinting frame. And you can wash and reuse the screen, or throw away the adhesive material and put a new design on your embroidery loop frame.

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