interviewed by managing editor


I’m honored to be among the ranks of professionals now interviewed on Managing Editor, a website dedicated to editorial management, tech, marketing, writing and inspiration. The site and its newsletter have fast become weekly go-to reads for me.

Scope out my conversation with Lee Price: All Aboard! How to Get Your Whole Team Involved with Content Marketing, and her e-news preface of our talk:

Content marketing can be a lonely job.

But the stereotype of a solitary writer holed up in a cabin with a typewriter doesn’t really hold up when you’re trying to tell stories about other people’s work and experiences. You need to be closer to the action.

That’s why I was intrigued by Lis Korb, who runs marketing at the small cruise ship travel company AdventureSmith Explorations. Her team’s primary content is reviews of travel experiences. And they generate that content by sending every employee on trips. (Amazing perk, right?)

So as you can imagine, Lis has a really helpful perspective about collaborating with non-writers to use language in new and interesting ways. Here’s my favorite advice she shared:

“Treat your writing like you’re packing a carry-on. Lay everything out & then cut it in half.”


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