support your local farmer!

There’s nothing I love more than working (editing) for someone I admire. I first met Gary Romano of Sierra Valley Farms in 2008, at the Tahoe City farmers market where I snapped his picture for an article in Tahoe Quarterly. I’ve bought his organic spinach for years. As luck would have it, our paths crossed again this month when he hired me to edit his book, Suicide with a Butter Knife. The books tells of his metamorphosis: from a childhood of flower farming and ranching, to a career in Parks and Recreation, and then back to farming. He presents the problems stacked up against small farms (under 200 acres) today, and some solutions to bring us back to the healthy eating and living that comes when we have thriving local farms providing most of our food. Such a great, inspiring read! It’s currently pending publication, but I’ll keep you posted on its progress. In the meantime, check out his video produced by UC Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Thanks for doing what you do, Gary!


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