a lesson in multitasking

Me (on left) in Lolë’s Principle Tunic and Finalist Pants, Pam wearing the Calm Dress, at Tahoe Mountain Sports‘ Ladies Night on October 26th. More Ladies Night photos here.

I’m kinda notorious for multitasking. Yeah, I somehow amazingly get lots of things done at the same time, but sometimes certain things get sacrificed in the process. If there ever was a time for me to get a wake-up call, TMS’s Ladies Night was it. I was feeling fresh in my new Lolë Principle Tunic, in the light gray color—a perfect contrast to the night’s free red wine. So there I was, chatting up the crowd, snapping pics, sipping wine… when (yes, it seems so accident-waiting-to-happen when I write it out now) I decided to balance my camera with my wine-holding hand. You can surely get the picture of what happened to my beautiful tunic.

Lucky for me there was a Cooldown Cardigan in the wings. I changed, rinsed the wine off right away, then picked up some extra-strength stain remover on my drive home. I’m normally your eco stain remover kinda girl (this is on my laundry shelf), but for my new Lolë garb I didn’t want to take any chances (this is what I bought). And it worked. My Principle Tunic is reborn, and I’m gonna slow it down.


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