tahoe blues – submit now!

I am feverishly putting the final touches on my Tahoe Blues submission for Bona Fide Books. It’s been a true labor of love, going through numerous writer-friends’ hands (special thanks to Laura Read, Karen A. Terrey, and Ali Gray), and some five revisions and counting. I have certainly never spent this much time on 500 words. I hope it makes the cut in the end, but if not I’ll post it here for your reading pleasure. The animals pictured are a sneak peek of the characters (besides me) in my personal narrative. Can anyone guess what the bird is?

And it’s not too late to submit. The only requirements are that its 500 words and about Tahoe. You have until this Sunday, May 1, so get writing!

photos by Dan Pancamo/Flickr and fiskfisk/Flickr

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