paper, dinosaurs, and carabiners

My mailbox has been full of fun this month! Exhibit A was a surprise pregnancy announcement from my great friend in North Carolina, and Exhibit B is above: an amazing stack of French Paper samples. Can’t wait to pick out my colors and weights and get printing for the holidays! Not only are the samples ridiculously good-looking, but they came packaged with a dinosaur figurine. As you can see, the little guy in a ribbon scarf fits right in at my house.

I owe many thanks to Michelle Murdock of Quail Lane Press for clueing me in to French Paper’s amazing-ness. Check out my profile of Michelle and her little press in Moonshine Ink‘s November edition on stands in Truckee/North Tahoe now, or online (link to come soon — they must be slacking this month). I am loving her work… in fact, I took home “Carabiners” from our interview, and have some 5 other QLP prints on my wish list.


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