30 and camping

Chris turned 30 last weekend and we celebrated with a trip to Bishop. Wow is that place amazing — despite the incessant wind during our stay. Though my pictures don’t do them justice, the mountains were the biggest I’ve ever seen. And the sun felt so bright for the lack of trees. The best part: snuggling with Fern while camping out in the truck.

Fern ready to go

Chris and Fern at our campsite

Fern’s footprints find a heart stone in the volcanic rock

Fern in perfect “crag dog” style, watches as Chris belays Jesse

headed up to the abandoned mine in Rovana

Fern huddled between our sleeping bags

  1. Fern is too cute! I think she needs to meet Wallace one of these days! Hope things are well with you. Maybe i’ll see you at Ultimate sometime!

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