etsy labs is coming to town

Yep, I’m pretty obsessed with Etsy (note button to your right), and always dream of one day making the time to attend an Etsy Lab craft session. This week’s lab is so close to home I just have to share it with you: San Francisco’s Museum of Craft and Folk Art is hosting a quick and easy hat knitting project (pictured above) this Thursday December 3 from 6–8pm. It’s free, open to all skill levels and materials are provided!

All that and more! Felting demo with SF artist Jackie Huang, fiber store A Verb for Keeping Warm shares techniques for spinning yarn and locally brewed Trumer Pils to quench the thirst!

For those afar, a live demo project will be broadcasted via webcam in Etsy’s Virtual Labs at 1pm. To knit along, download the free pattern.

  1. I was checking out your blog because I am going to be moving to Tahoe City this Spring. I shouldn’t have been so surprised when I came across my old home. I’ve traveled enough to know that in every ski town you will run across someone you know from another ski town. It doesn’t matter one bit that the other town was on the other side of the world.

  2. Ok I got confused by the set up of the posts. Believe it or not I have never lived in Etsy. I have however, lived in New Zealand. I admit I was in Queenstown not Wanaka, but close enough.

  3. liskorb said:

    ’tis a small world indeed, constantbabble. glad you found me!
    We’re getting loads of snow lately, so hopefully they’ll be plenty for you when you arrive! Check out Moonshine Ink (the local paper I write a column for) when you get here, or online at

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