new house 1, me 0

the scene of the crime

I think my new house is trying to kill me.

It all began on Sunday morning when out of nowhere, as I went to grab a towel from a bucket on my bathroom floor, the slanted ceiling jumped out at my head. Five days later and I’m still feeling the post-concussive syndrome. Don’t worry, I finally went to the doctor and he saw nothing too amiss, but I cannot exercise (no walks even!) until the symptoms reside.

So pardon my silence on the blogosphere, but my home got me good.

  1. Elaine said:

    Oh no :( I was wondering what happened. It’s even worse when something like a concussion doesn’t have a super awesome story to go along with it, haha. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Susan M. Korb said:

    What an attractive bath but a mean wall! Please feel better soon and keep me posted on your condition. Mom

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