save polaroid, this instant!

A Tahoe shot from my Sun 660 a few months ago

A Tahoe shot from my Sun 660 a few months ago

I thought Polaroid film was expensive “back in the day.” Now, the cost is up to a shutter-stopping $2 a pop, and it’s only going to get worse since Polaroid shut its instant film doors in 2008. Yet cost—so far—hasn’t stopped me from snapping those white square–framed pics so noisily ejected from my Sun 660. And I am not alone.

The Impossible Project, a whole army of folks devastated by the discontinuation, is looking to bring the medium as we know it back to life by 2010, and Urban Outfitters is aiding this mission by selling some of the deadstock equipment and film to its trendsetting (or following? you decide.) junkies. Plus, there’s a full-on Polaroid exhibit in L.A., showing through September 13.

Check out the Urban Outfitters blog for more information and to support the cause.


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