hot off the moonshine ink press

pistol stencils, which created the background's artwork

It was a busy month for my keyboard. Moonshine Ink‘s August edition brings much from yours truly, including my photography in the photo annual (p26), short write-ups on Art’s Coffeehouse and Fiamma Cucina Rustica (p42), and articles on Tahoe Quarterly‘s 10th anniversary (p17) and the Wanderlust Festival (p56).

But best of all, I kept my promise from June. And so it is that my latest art column (p67) details the talented Kat Hutter. It was a joy to meet with the artist a few weeks ago at her home studio, and it’s even more exciting to bring her work into the eyes of Moonshine readers this month. Kat’s got loads of talent, so be sure to keep up with her.

As a matter of fact, just as my article was hitting the press, Kat contacted me with some good news: She’s having a solo show at Reno’s McKinley Arts & Culture Center April 5–14. yay! I’ll be there.

Here’s a parting shot of her studio. (I liked it so much, it’s currently my desktop wallpaper.) Check out the article—along with all the others—on newsstands now, and online soon. Be sure to throw me some comments online!

kat's pallete

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