mugshot uproar

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a concerned friend: “What is up with your picture in Moonshine Ink?”

Yesterday also brought an email from another concerned friend: “I saw your article in Moonshine, it was good. You need a new photo though, it doesn’t look like you. Aren’t you a model???”

And they weren’t alone… just straws that broke the camel’s back. Thus, I promptly called up my friend and photographer extraordinaire Ryan Salm (look for his new blog soon) for a quick photo session. And voila, no more hideous self-portrait. I hope you enjoy its debut in my upcoming column, out July 16. And I hope this means no more complaints…

out with the oldin with the new

1 comment
  1. Dan Montero said:

    sweetness. in the old pic you look like Franka Potente.

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