first friday @ brickelltown

Inflatable clown

Another month, another party… that’s how the folks at Truckee’s Brickelltown see it. July’s First Friday gathering features “art inspired by the carnival of life,” with more than 15 artists represented.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the word “carnival” conjures up some interesting imagery: part Mardi Gras, part clown frenzy, part brass band, the list goes on. While I let you whip up your own concoction of what exactly July 3 at Brickelltown will be like, enjoy the slightly disturbing, patriotic inflatable clown pictured above. And don’t forget to be there, from 4 to 8pm this Friday.

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  1. liskorb said:

    ps. when you are done @ Brickelltown, head to Kings Beach for live music from my dear friend Ellen and the amazing songstress Abby. Plus, there are fireworks that night… yipee!

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