popsicles coming to a freezer near you

popsicles… perhaps the best thing invented for summertime snacking.

I am super excited because a popsicle mold is en route to my address! I am now accepting recipes (via comment) to attempt in my new gadget… come on people, get creative! I will share my batches with each and every one of you (disclaimer: you must live within non-melting distance from my house, or be available to come and get one yourself).

(photo by Auntie K/Flickr)

  1. hanni said:

    yes, popsicles are great before yoga too! they are great with yogurt, blue agave syrup and mixed berries, blend and pour! yay for summer!

  2. liskorb said:

    thanks :)
    here’s another comment via facebook from Jenna:

    “limeade w/ watermelon chunks…and bring me one on Sunday at high sierra please.”

  3. Nicci said:

    I know you don’t have a dog but if you did…I put a dog treat inside a tupperware of water and freeze it. It takes him a good half hour to get the treat out and he stays cool on the deck. mmmmmm doggie popsicles.

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