parting shot


46-degree high in Tahoe today… not your typical June day, but it sure made for some fun photography at the lake. Went out to the T-dock in Tahoe City to take some parting shots with my Polaroid camera for a friend moving back East. Gloomy but beautiful, eh? I’m checking out for the weekend… off to play ultimate in (hopefully sunny) Santa Cruz. adios!

  1. Hi, Lis:
    Great photo! I’m about to publish THE SANTA DIET, a complete diet for physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Next will be THE LOVE VERSUS FEAR PARADIGM, followed by A MONK’S LIFE. Book sales enable me to serve as a full-time volunteer advocate for millions of children who are abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, homeless, and institutionalized. Perhaps, you’d consider contributing a few photographs. Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful “summer” day at the lake!
    Blessings, Santa :-)}

    • liskorb said:

      Hi Santa, I remember you from a profile we at Tahoe Quarterly did on you many years back. Thanks for checking out my blog… I’ll be in touch about photography.

  2. James Korb said:

    Great picture! I just put it as my desktop background.

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