camp & campy: my weekend in san francisco part two—point break live

This is your f@%#ing wake-up call man. I am an F, B, I, Agent!

It’s Friday night. I’m in San Francisco, where opportunities for a good time are endless, yet somehow I doubt it could have gotten any better than Point Break Live!, showing at Cellspace. To best emulate the acting talents of Keanu Reeves, the director has the crowd vote on an audience member to play the Johnny Utah role. Said untrained person is then shadowed by an cue-card assistant for the rest of the play. Lucky for us, the birthday boy in our group was selected for the job, which certainly heightened the utter ridiculousness of it all (I’m working on securing the blackmail-worthy photography for your enjoyment).

Among the cult classic’s most famous lines, came one that I didn’t remember—one that I will not likely forget again: “I’m so hungry I could eat the ass end out of a dead rhino.” hmmm.

Please note that if you choose to sit front row, you are subject to some serious action, ie. getting tossed around by bank robbers, rubbing lotion on surfers, getting splashed by epic waves, etc. I have a bump on my knee to prove it.

  1. mountainmommamusings said:

    Lis – would love to hear more about Wordcamp from you and all the tasty nuggets you picked up. Maybe coffee some time? My treat.

    • liskorb said:

      sure thing… I am out of town for the next week, but will be in touch when I return.

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