camp & campy: my weekend in san francisco part one—wordcamp

i was there, in the flesh

Where do I begin? Today’s gathering with WordPress developers, bloggers and big thinkers infused my brain with so many yummy nuggets I couldn’t possibly get them all down, and keep your attention at the same time. To boot, I’m fresh off the highway, slightly delirious (always a prime time to write) and on the verge of collapsing into my Mac’s precision aluminum unibody enclosure.

What I can tell you about WordCamp San Francisco is that it was no ordinary conference. I make my case:

+ Presenters referenced everything from The Simpsons, to South Park‘s underpants gnomes to the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19). Suffice it to say they were pop culture savvy (as they should be), and highly entertaining.

+ Shirt included in ticket price—American Apparel’s 50/50 variety—is the best in production today (I wouldn’t lie to you… buy one now. This makes #4 in my wardrobe, and I doubt I’ll stop there).

+ Is it a coincidence that I happened to be seated by Reno-based folks, twice? I think not. Some unknown force in the world (WordPress MindControl 1.o?) was certainly playing matchmaker, and now my creative connections extend to Red Sage Design and Reno Collective.

And this is just a taste of the magic that happened today—even despite my grogginess from a previous night immersed in Point Break Live! action. And here’s where I leave you hanging for part two of the “camp & campy” post…

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  1. liskorb said:

    This just in from WordPress: some stats from the conference.

    WordCamp San Francisco had 739 pre-event registrations (a huge jump from 427 last year), and 789 actual attendees from 32 countries — plus 15 speakers, six sponsors, and lots of volunteers.

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