batter up

tahoe creamery bring us "ace cream"

Crackerjacks, Big League Chew and hot dogs, move over. There’s a new baseball treat headed for the Reno Aces turf: Tahoe Creamery ice cream. The folks who churned us Tahoe Flow Cookie Dough and Tahoe Trip Mint Chip now want to scoop out an Aces-specific flavor, and have narrowed it down to three options of which they’ll offer tastings at this Sunday’s game (May 24): 1) Batter Up, a cake-batter ice cream with a chocolate buttercream fudge ripple 2) Aces Acai, an acai berry ice cream 3) Rally Red Malted Cherry, a cherry ice cream with dark cherries and a malted accent.

Though I have yet to taste, my preliminary vote goes to Batter Up—I’m all for old-fashioned decadence, and puns.


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