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So happy to share that my past 6+ months of nearly all-consuming work on the new AdventureSmith Explorations website is complete (well, websites are never quite complete… but it’s live to public eyes)! Hop on over and check it out! So many cool features — trip reviews, a way better blog, a super-smart backend and so much customization it’s dizzying how much you link posts with pages with ships and trips and so on. I worked on getting all the content up on the site, from words to prices to photos to integrating it all into the cohesive pretty picture you see today. The team at Newfangled were our designers and programmers, and they were amazing every step of the way.


It’s official. I start at AdventureSmith Explorations today as their new content & office manager! I’m excited to be back on a team, especially one that has such an exciting expertise: adventure travel. Maintaining and refreshing the AdventureSmith website is one of my primary tasks, so I’ll be deep in the SEO/web copy trenches again. While this is going to mean way less freelance work, I’ll still keep this blog updated with my side contract work, life, travel, crafting, and accomplishments at AdventureSmith. I’ve got quite a few editing gigs still in the queue this month, so it’s going to be a busy yet fun one!