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the gang

Oh the joys of my work as an editor… this week, I’ve been on the phone with Tahoe athletes vying for a spot in the coming 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. And while I’ve been trying to figure out how to list all their accomplishments in a consistent manner, and checking the writer’s stats on all things Vancouver, I got a little sidetracked today with what I deem to be the best entourage of mascots to come during an Olympics of my lifetime.

Yes, I said it. I know I’m an Atlanta native, but what the hay was up with Izzy? And Torino’s Neve and Gliz, female and male snowball and ice cube, were equally disturbing. But I am totally enamored with Vancouver’s batch, especially Quatchi, a sasquatch hailing from the “mysterious forests of Canada” who dreams of becoming a hockey goalie.

I mean, does it get any better than this?

and quatchi sticks the landing!

Yes, it does!

they love long walks on the beach too!

and triple-seated biking

Learn more about the mascots here; they have their very on interactive webpage, of course.

images © VANOC/COVAN


So my first Reno Aces game last Thursday was uh-mazing. Why? One word: Archie. Sure, the new ballpark was great and the game was exciting—especially when the Aces rallied to score 4 in the fourth inning—but the amorphous mascot took the cake.

Maybe I am just a sucker for furry animal-like creatures, but I loved  him, despite the fact that A) I have no idea what sort of creature he is B) his girations and oversized tongue weirded me out. Anywho, here’s a detailed account of the craziness that ensued:

It all began when I saw his first major dance sequence above the home team dugout. He had moves, bumping his belly around to the music, shakin’ his red fur and playing air guitar with his roll-out tongue. We asked a security guard about Archie’s species, “What is it exactly?” His reply: “No one knows.”

archie in full swing

We then ran into Archie up by the Refreshments and stopped for a few photo ops. As you can see, we bonded right away—we even have the same smile and gestures!

luxurious fur, check. squeezable tush, check.fraternal twins

If I wasn’t already smitten, the deal was sealed when the sixth inning rolled around and Archie plopped down in a seat in front of us. A chatterbox, the red guy just kept bringing the hits, one after another in his high-pitched raspy voice.

excuse me, I can't see past your big furry head

But it didn’t stop there. Oh no. Another mascot, a UNR Wolfpack member, jumped into the mix.

my new neighbor

And this guy was serious about one thing: cutting Archie’s hair (don’t ask why). Comb and scissors in hand, the silent wolf began his style session and things got out of control practically on top of my lap. When the scissors fell, I grabbed the opportunity to conjure up my own inner stylist.

chop chop

But when the next booty-shaking song came on, Archie was gone again, out of our section and up on his dugout stage. And though the Aces didn’t pull through for the win, I think you’ll agree it was an epic night.