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My latest block print design is the outline of Lake Tahoe filled with a Christmas sweater pattern. I drew it all by hand, and carved it on a linoleum block. I printed the green trees separately from a free carve quick-cut on Speedball EasyCut rubber. Due to the detail in the design, this takes much longer to print successfully, but I love the result! Pick this design up in postcard form at Riverside Studios in downtown Truckee.


I’m working on a few copyediting projects right now, including a research series text on violence and communication for the Center for Basque Studies, but my favorite work—if I can even call it that—is editing the Tahoe Blues collection for Bona Fide Books. Due on shelves in June, the collection pairs fiction, nonfiction, and a few poems, all under 500 words in length, in one volume. The stories are fascinating so far. I’m about halfway through the 60 pieces.

I took the above photo on a lunch break today. Being able to experience this lake daily, and reading all the different points of view in Tahoe Blues, makes me remember just how lucky I am to live here.

Well, I’m back from my trip to Boulder. Such a different world there: street performers, crowded restaurants, jam-packed yoga classes, flat residential neighborhoods with blocks and blocks of houses, bike-friendly everything, and flowers!

While it was fun, I’m happy to be home to my simple, quiet life in Tahoe Pines and thus finished this simple Lake Tahoe stamp today. You can’t tell in the photo, but the lake is printed in a pearlescent blue so it shimmers. I plan to get these in some tourist spots for visitors to have a homemade postcard souvenir option. Note: lake is not to scale!

It’s a great week to be at home as this snowstorm just won’t quit. Squaw Valley’s reporting the storm total at 76 inches! This postcard hails from a college friend (later to be a Lake Tahoe roommate), who first led me on to Tahoe’s greatness. She’s now headed for greener pastures, and nursing pre-reqs in Santa Cruz.

DATE: February 26, 2004

FROM: Lake Tahoe



Snow has fallen, the ski resorts are open (some of them at least) and the winter crowds are due to arrive any day… my latest handiwork in print form, the Lake Tahoe Traveler visitors’ guide, has hit the streets just in time for it all. Pick up one for free around the lake!

My stories include: Lunch on the Run, detailing the best food and where to get it at local ski resorts; Kidding Around, options for family fun; and a run-down on the season’s latest and greatest outdoor gear.

eagle rockwinter tomorrow

It’s so sad to see the deciduous trees lose their leaves (well, they actually don’t lose them but push them off says NPR). Check out the same view off Eagle Rock, taken a few weeks ago and this past weekend—brings a tear to the eye doesn’t it?

Yet fallen leaves take on a life of their own for a brief few days, and I was lucky enough to catch some flanking the lakeshore on Saturday.

a fall shoreline

Yet with the departure of those fall colors we love comes the white stuff we love even more. Skiing is much more fun than tromping through leaves. (Though I would have to argue that raking leaves is more fun than shoveling snow.) Enjoy the last few days of the season!