I just finished an editing job for GoldieBlox, an Oakland-based company that aims to get girls building with story and construction sets. They’re breaking the princess paradigm, and I’m proud to be a part of the movement. I was hired as a contract proofreader for one of their newest titles, and it was a joy to work on something that I truly believe in. Check out GoldieBlox’s video below, and “disrupt the pink aisle” by buying GoldieBlox toys to empower the little girls in your life.



A few weeks ago I landed myself at the incredible Runnymede Sculpture Farm, a private collection of more than 150 contemporary art sculptures over a hundred or so acres in Woodside, California. I ended up sleeping under Charles Ginnever’s Kitsune, pictured in the top left image, and was so inspired that I devoted my art column to the place (and getting closer to art). Read it on page 41 in the April edition of Moonshine Ink. Pictured above, clockwise from the top left are: Charles Ginnever’s Kitsune, Celeste Roberge’s Rising Cairn, Mia Westerlund Roosen’s American Beauties, and Ilan Averbuch’s Horse Head. For more information on Runnymede, read about it in SF Gate and

llama-courtshipIn the spirit of love this Valentine’s Day, I sent some of my friends a selection of llama print postcards. I call this series “llama courtship,” ha! I carved the stamp at Bona Fide Books’ monthly Print Club. I am going to work on more of these prints with llama groupings as I love how these turned out.



For my December art column for Moonshine Ink I interviewed three North Tahoe locals who make winter apparel: Carrie Cameron Hall, who makes ski jackets in her LetsGetBagged line; Ethan Rollins of Local Knits (see video); and Brandon Douglas of Nolan Apparel who makes ski mittens and just opened a Truckee storefront. Read my December column online here or pick it up on stands in Tahoe all this month.


I was Gary Romano’s first draft editor for this book, and what an honor it was! Not only did I get to read a great book, but I got paid in fruits and veggies for a whole summer. So proud of Gary’s words making it into print. Buy Why I Farm to learn about the importance of small, organic farms and the life of this one very special one in the Sierra Valley.

Here’s a pic of Gary at the launch party at Campo in Reno.



So happy to share that my past 6+ months of nearly all-consuming work on the new AdventureSmith Explorations website is complete (well, websites are never quite complete… but it’s live to public eyes)! Hop on over and check it out! So many cool features — trip reviews, a way better blog, a super-smart backend and so much customization it’s dizzying how much you link posts with pages with ships and trips and so on. I worked on getting all the content up on the site, from words to prices to photos to integrating it all into the cohesive pretty picture you see today. The team at Newfangled were our designers and programmers, and they were amazing every step of the way.