General Me-ness

Last day in Perdido Key, Florida, then it’s back to California for work, Wanderlust, and my birthday. You sure are fun, July 2011.


My favorite quote from the latest Moonshine Ink edition (on stands today!): “I don’t hang out with any chickens, but my sister Olive acts like one.” –Flip Speckleman of Flip’s Friends (he’s a canine columnist, if you’re not a regular Moonshine reader)

And while you’re reading, be sure to check out my DiStill Life column on Detours: Tahoe City, an installation art exhibit coming to town in August and September. Just look for my face and the image above in the back of the paper!

UPDATE Or read it here: Art Less Traveled

I’ve had the Instagram app for about a year on my iPhone, but the sign-up start screen always scared me away… I’m not too big on apps anyways. But then one day I signed in, and started using it, and using it, and using it… and now I can’t stop!! Here are some of my favorites so far. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram (lis_k) to see them all.

When you work from home, it’s a lot harder to say no to things… especially volunteering (and accompanying friends to the beach). So, this month, I donated some 12 hours or so to helping the Nevada Museum of Art out with the installation of To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum, as well as ushering at the sold-out matinee talk from Zahi Hawass, the Egyptian minister of antiquities.

Besides the art and artifacts themselves, I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibit’s mural, which I saw in process but not completed, and the large fabric room dividers we worked on hanging during one of my volunteer days.

Oh yes, that’s me pulling my tongue out of my mouth. I got silly for the camera with Jen Schmidt Photography for a McDonald’s casting call. I ended up on their short list for a shoot, but didn’t make the final cut. Perhaps my tongue is too fat?

Anywho, look for a girl who resembles me in a McDonald’s ad and you’ll know who to blame. Same goes for Skittles, who put me on call a month or so back but didn’t pick me either.

At least I still have the city buses in San Francisco, which I still need to go see — only have a bad camera-phone photo taken by a friend. And of course there’s still my legacy in the Apple store. I snapped these photos for posterity when I was in there this week. It’s been so long that I’m bound to disappear soon… we’ll see.



Oh what a difference a conjunction can make! On a recent menu proofreading job, I uncovered this gem describing creme brulee: Flamed by an Attendant Garnished with Fresh Berries. So great a visual I just had to bring it to life, despite my poor skills with Paintbrush!

I am feverishly putting the final touches on my Tahoe Blues submission for Bona Fide Books. It’s been a true labor of love, going through numerous writer-friends’ hands (special thanks to Laura Read, Karen A. Terrey, and Ali Gray), and some five revisions and counting. I have certainly never spent this much time on 500 words. I hope it makes the cut in the end, but if not I’ll post it here for your reading pleasure. The animals pictured are a sneak peek of the characters (besides me) in my personal narrative. Can anyone guess what the bird is?

And it’s not too late to submit. The only requirements are that its 500 words and about Tahoe. You have until this Sunday, May 1, so get writing!

photos by Dan Pancamo/Flickr and fiskfisk/Flickr

Yeah! My first Outdoor Retailer was a blast despite a full day-long schedule and 20 long hours of open eyes. These are a few of my favorite shots from the day. Clockwise from top left: exemplary Horny Toad mannequins (took a great merchandising clinic and now I’m uber-inspired), the new Black Diamond ski line (love those graphics), Grivel crampon on a boot, Heather Amaryllis from Rollic/Shred Alert, and an alpaca manning the booth at Snowmass Alpacas.